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Congratulation to Samajwadi Party for winning UP Election with majority, This will be a cheer moment for the Mainpuri and its Citizens.
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Dhan :900/qt
Makka :970/qt
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Principal Crops of Mainpuri

Mainpuri is a major trade center for agricultural products in the state.Paddy, wheat, potato, groundnut, musturd and garlic are the major crop of the district.

Kharif : The main kharif cereals in the district in order of the area they cover are, maize, bajra and rice. Among the kharif pulses are urd, moong and moth are the main crops though they occupy very small areas. The kharif crops are sown in Asadha-Sravana and reaped in Ashwin-Kartika after the cessation of the rains, usually well before the preparation of the fields

Rabi: In the rabi the lead is taken by wheat, which is the most valuable of all the food-grains. It is sown alone as well as mixed with barley, gram, pea or mustard. Of the pulses only arhar and masur are important. Rabi sowings begin in October-November i.e. Kartika-Agrahayana and are harvested in April-May (Chaitra-Vaisakha-Jyaistha).

Zaid : It is of very little importance and consists of melons, kakri, khira, vegetables, spices, tobacco, legumes and a number of low grade cereals.

Non-food Crops: Sugarcane, oil-seeds like ground-nut, mustard, sesame, rapeseed and linseed, vegetables and fruits, sunn-hemp, jute cotton and tobacco are the non-ffod crops in the district.
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