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Congratulation to Samajwadi Party for winning UP Election with majority, This will be a cheer moment for the Mainpuri and its Citizens.
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Mainpuri Mandi
Wheat :1041/qt
Bajara :680/qt
Dhan :900/qt
Makka :970/qt
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General stores
Agrawal kirana stores
Contact person: Vivek agrawal
Address:  Raja mandi
Contact No:  9412623640
Ashok kumar agrawal
Contact person: Ashok agrawal
Address:  Raja mandi
Contact No:  9897461497
Ashok kumar amit kumar
Contact person: Amit
Address:  Lenganj
Contact No:  9760328260
Ashok kumar rajesh kumar
Contact person: Ashok gupta
Address:  Lenganj
Contact No:  9319343359
Babaji agencies
Contact person:Ashish
Address:  Lenganj
Contact No:  9897145812
Balaji kirana stores
Contact person: Prabhat
Address:  Raja mandi
Contact No:  9503800216
Bhadauriya traders
Contact person: Pinto
Address:  Lenganj
Contact No:  9412550225
Chauhan Kirana Store
Pankaj Singh
Address:  Devi Road,Near Normal School
Dailyneed stores
Contact person: Pinki
Address:  Karhal road
Contact No:  9719990110
Durgaprasad moolchandra
Contact person:Rahul
Address:  Lenganj
Contact No:  9756251813
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