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Congratulation to Samajwadi Party for winning UP Election with majority, This will be a cheer moment for the Mainpuri and its Citizens.
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Mainpuri Mandi
Wheat :1041/qt
Bajara :680/qt
Dhan :900/qt
Makka :970/qt
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Grain Merchants
Agrawal trading co.
Contact Person-Suresh Chandra Bansal
Address:  Naveen Mandi - Mainpuri
Contact No:  9837275855
Dinesh Chand Ramesh Chand
Address:  Naveen Mandi -Mainpuri
Contact No:  05672-234504
Ganda lal munim
Contact person- Kamal Kumar Verma
Address:  Naveen Mandi-mainpuri
Contact No:  05672-234102
Kashav Singh Maharaj Singh
Contact Person- Maharaj Singh
Address:  Naveen Mandi-mainpuri
Contact No:  9997867380
Mithelesh Chandra Ambrish Kumar
Contact Person-Aditya Sakariya
Address:  Naveen Mandi-Mainpuri
Contact No:  9837034100
Mukul Trading Co.
ContactPerson-Rajendra Kumar Agarwal
Address:  Naveen Mandi- Mainpuri
Contact No:  9412286534, 9927490592,9412747656
Shitala Trading Co.
Address:  Naveen Mandi-Mainpuri
Contact No:  05672-232277
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