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Congratulation to Samajwadi Party for winning UP Election with majority, This will be a cheer moment for the Mainpuri and its Citizens.
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Wheat :1041/qt
Bajara :680/qt
Dhan :900/qt
Makka :970/qt
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Mainpuri is well connected with the other part of country by roads and trains 

Roadways: Frequent buses is available from the main roadways bus stand to all major cities However to move to internal part of mainpuri district few more bus stand are there mainly karhal bus stand, mota stand, gopinath bus stand which attract good traffic

Railways: The whole line was opened by the Ist of January 1906. It runs through the centre of the district, with station at Shikohabad, where it joins the main line, Araon, Kosma, Mainpuri, Bhongaon and Mota, after which it crosses the Kali Nadi into Farrukhbad district, connecting at Farrukhabad with the kanpur line.

Kalindi Exp is the main train which connect Mainpuri to Delhi and Kanpur Apart from it few local trains also connect mainpuri to farrukhabad and tundla

Commercial Transport

Mainpuri is a good centre of various agricultural products; it is very well connected to the whole country by trucks and goods trains for delivering these products
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